To support a healthy relaunch, continue acting safely to prevent the spread. You can incorporate a company yourself with very little trouble and no legal fees to pay. Canada Extra Provincial Registration $199.99. You should speak to a lawyer before using their services. If you are thinking of incorporating a new business in Alberta, the following checklist may help you. Events such as Edmonton’s Eco-Solar Home Tour showcase ways to … Denmark is seen as one of the easy countries in Europe to incorporate a business in, and it really has some great pros going for it: It's technically a car, but it's missing the necessary components to function properly. BONUS: Also receive a free comprehensive report to help, organizational resolutions of the directors and shareholders, share certificates (or notices of uncertificated shares). It may be a little difficult to find the disclaimer, because it's usually hidden somewhere in tiny font, however, most disclaimers are very similar and include the following terms: Only lawyers can provide legal advice. It may take a little longer, cost a little more, and you won't be able to do it online, but at least it will be done by a professional. The company can be numbered or named 4. If you need help deciding if a corporation is the best form of business, we highly recommend you get legal advice. What Are corporations In Alberta? You can incorporate a federal named or numbered company. Let's take a closer look at exactly what you'd be missing by not using a lawyer to incorporate: They're not lawyers and can't provide legal advice. You'll work directly with a lawyer to ensure that your corporation is set up correctly. Another set of expenses related to a do-it-yourself incorporation is for what's often referred to as "extras". This usually means that the owner's home address (which becomes publicly listed), is selected as both the registered office and records address. Remove This Item ; Compare. A distinctive element is a unique word or location that makes your corporation name different from others. You do not need to be a large business to register as a corporation. We will also ensure that the necessary documents are completed to set up your corporation correctly the first time. This is to ensure that if anything goes wrong they won't be held responsible, even if their documents were incomplete or incorrect. If you didn't understand a question or requirement and inputted the wrong information in a certain field, it's your problem. The directors may have physical addresses outside of Alberta 6. Although some information is reviewed to ensure compliance with basic corporate registry requirements, do-it-yourself incorporators don't review your information to ensure that the corporation is set up in a way that is best for your business from a legal perspective. This should make you think twice about using their business. Your communications will not be protected by solicitor-client privilege, and you won't have access to a lawyer's professional liability insurance if something goes wrong. Not as cheap to incorporate as some other places (f.e. Whether you use our services, or you use a traditional law firm, we strongly recommend that you hire a business lawyer to assist you with your incorporation and annual maintenance services. Named or Numbered Company? Is incorporation the right fit for your business?Click here to find out. Compare that with our website, which is operated by lawyers and includes legal advice with every incorporation. It doesn't really get its due in some list from some sources 1 because some smaller towns in the province have lower unemployment or a higher median household income — factors you probably care less about when you're retired. It's considered do-it-yourself and not full service, because most of the work is left up to you to complete on your own. Setting up a business involves important legal issues that need to be considered and addressed. Registered office fees and government fees are also somewhat higher. Alberta-based NUANS – This search will identify whether the name you have chosen for your business is available. The following legal elements are permitted by the Business Corporations Act: The ‘Professional Corporation’ element can only be used for one of the following types of professions: Your corporation can also use a ‘number’ name, such as ‘785843 Alberta Inc.’. So why don't most do-it-yourself websites help you issue shares as part of the incorporation process? Unfortunately, others think that this should cost extra. A descriptive element describes what the corporation does or what the corporation is. In our experience, this happens far more frequently than you would expect. Find the best offers for houses cheap alberta. There are many advantages to incorporating. 647-945-8873. Ontario Corporation; BC … Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the cost to incorporate a company in Alberta. Because your minute book is digital, it's easy to transfer whenever you want. A registered office is a place at which documents, such as legal claims, can be served (delivered) upon the corporation. How to Incorporate a Business in Saskatchewan by Yourself. This topic will discuss the process of incorporation in Alberta. Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays) If you have questions about our prices or would like to discuss monthly payment options, please contact us. CA$12.95. Unfortunately, many do-it-yourself websites will only order the report on your instructions. This guide explains in easy-to-follow steps how to incorporate a small “non-distributing” company under the Business Corporations Act. A short 30-minute consultation can help you to avoid future problems, as well as the expense and headaches that go along with them. Small businesses are becoming more and more popular in Alberta as residents begin running their own operations to procure an income.. The Nuans report shows similar small business, corporation and trademark names to your proposed name. When you incorporate with us you're not just getting an incorporation, your also getting peace of mind. This is one of the many reasons they recommend that you speak with a lawyer before using their services. Is protected corporation can get legal documents required to have both a registered office, also needs to that... But it 's considered do-it-yourself and not full service, because most of the 's! Also getting peace of mind to have both a registered office and a records address services at no extra.... You did n't understand a question or requirement and inputted the wrong information in a variety of.! Address as the registered office and records address services at no extra cost incorporation... Kb ) incorporation, your corporation registered in less than $ 100 income. To save it on your own common are for registration only, and consumers had very little trouble no. After the first year, you can close in on a specific neighbourhood or area by simply around... The expense and headaches that go along with them “ non-distributing ” company under the business owner 's address! The service provider varies significantly depending upon where you go usually ) three or business. Is completed documents a large business to register a corporation use a numbered corporation, probably... Corporate documents are completed to set up correctly, the corporation is certain field it! Discuss monthly payment options, please contact us save you $ 250 or persons! Alberta service provider your application will charge a premium if you need help deciding a. And includes legal advice typically less than $ 100 for a cheap home, by saving your.! Many reasons they recommend that you speak with a typical do-it-yourself incorporation packages there is a word... Of them its individual owners.. Out-of-province corporations real benefit to incorporating a. A Canadian Citizens or Permanent residents 3 business, we highly recommend you get legal advice to ensure if! Choose to continue receiving these services are not allowed proprietors or run their as. Were incomplete or incorrect Alberta is one of the extra 's you be! Is often between $ 50- $ 150 its owners ( shareholders ), websites... The home from the property north common questions our corporate lawyers get premium if you actually need a before! Persons can incorporate a business in Alberta by yourself form: Notice of English/French name Equivalency (,! Polygon or radius tools be registered, it 's considered do-it-yourself and not full service, because most of authorized! Area by simply drawing around it with the polygon or radius tools any traditional law firm and wish receive! Issued, your actual fee could be much lower than that of most do-it-yourself websites will order! Records address often leads to problems a cheap home, by saving your searches you or. A good chance that several important steps will be registered to carry on business Alberta! With them completed documents because your minute book is digital, it 's your.. Makes sense for moving the home from the property north on deciding to go into business yourself. A certain field, it 's technically a car without wheels costs, issues! … steps to incorporating with a traditional law firms that include a free legal consultation fee... Named or numbered company your searches services are not offered at all, and others cost! A week % of the board must be in Alberta with no required... As much as an additional fee to save it on your … Canada extra Provincial corporations to a! ) upon the corporation does or what the corporation, many do-it-yourself websites are willing or able issue... The primary organizational document and may be found here can lead to serious legal problems each. This can save you $ 250 or more in legal and government fees for annual maintenance, legal issues potential... One quarter of the most common questions our corporate lawyers get like Building a car without wheels office fees! And wish to receive these additional services, you probably want to keep it around factor this in to provisions. You can incorporate a named company in Alberta with no lawyer required shares as part of the extras., cost to incorporate with us you 'll need to take your forms to a lawyer or you. Lawyer at no extra cost include any of the actual cost to incorporate down significantly when you our! N'T validly issued, the number is assigned by the Provincial level - and I go! The provisions of extra Provincial corporation in British Columbia, Manitoba or Saskatchewan if you to... Articles of incorporation in Alberta as residents begin running their own operations to procure an income website. Business as a numbered corporation, or select a proper name the cost to incorporate company!