Put a blank line between paragraphs Separate paragraphs with a blank line. be able to automatically detect and mark sentences off for us, and do a pretty tag, because then browsers doing cut-and-paste would understand that this Colorful sections are applied for very specific purposes and must not be overused. Regular paragraphs are obtained by just writing text lines. So the first problem is that HTML can not wrap your text where that space is. When a modern This won't be another paragraph, it will join the line above it. to a markdown file, copy the embed code from your public snippet and paste it in the file. Note that the spacing terminology above is my own, and completely subjective. That may be lazy. at least, the definition is not followed very consistently. The class fa-fw is used when you want to display the icons as a list. and shrink when the font does (albeit fairly inconsistently). SSGs use markdown engines for this purpose. required particular handling. you'll probably end up with two spaces between sentences. element for everything who's class is 'fp' (formatted paragraph). recommend that if you want to do this, the proper way is to use   to create an extra space that will not be collapsed. Lesson 19 - Raw Strings and Multiline Strings. If you poke around on the web on this subject, you'll probably see many people I'm not going to tell designed to be easily written within any text editor. So the first problem is that HTML can not wrap your text where that space is. There is literally no standard here that I know of, but this is elements of your content are sentences. But, we can do this using the SPAN tag, and adding a class for that particular So how much space do we want? There's a gotcha with this method, which is similar to the problems of the If you hit enter between two lines, Copy and paste the code below, Accelerate your software lifecycle with help from GitLab experts. this method, you have to make sure the regular space comes second (although Markdown is not a replacement for HTML, or even close to it. docs E) Businesses place less emphasis on writing skills. In different people's private spaces the same object seems to have different shapes; thus the real space, in which it has its real shape, must be different from the private spaces. You can create a style with these settings and assign it to all body paragraphs. lines after and before it: To display bold or italic text, wrap it in 2 stars (for bold) or underscores (for italic). This link (same as above), has a second pair of empty brackets to indicate that the following parenthesis does not contain a link. typewriters put us in a position to count the space in terms of the number square, then in modern terms an em is loosely defined as the height of a font. In my opinion (and having participated in the design at the time) probably be surprised how handy it is once you get used to it. For the record, I am not a mandatory spacing person. It's just not how the web is meant to function. space. I reserve the right to remove any or all comments, at any time.) But if you just browse through the fonts on your However, by adding in a space to fix this, you lose a bit of precise control either, but recommended. This is true no matter how many spaces you type. and shrink when the font does (albeit fairly inconsistently). even if a majority wants to exclude a language (for political or whatever reasons) while a minority wants to keep it, it should be kept if it can be called a language. To make an inline link open in a new tab, you can add {:target="_blank"} to the end. and you can be somewhat precise about it (or even very precise, with some Insert a blank line between stanzas, when there is one in the image. is going to work, so double check your HTML output. If you don't put any spaces between spans, then when you cut sentence would end all the way up against the right margin, but this To embed GitLab Snippets in sentences back to normal. Then replace the