This happened to me also with Lume. 120K likes. The Reality: Required multiple re-applications throughout the day. I was soo excited to try this. Lume is a doctor-developed, dual purpose, clinically-proven 72-hour odor control deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts. You can use it EVERYWHERE and not smell, which is wonderful after a vigorous workout (or a night out dancing and sweating). Anyways, I second what everyone else has been saying about finding an enzyme laundry detergent for your clothing while trying out Lume. My order arrived just two days later, on that Wednesday, and I was notified via email both when it was out for delivery and once it had been delivered. I definitely will order more soap bars as I have very sensitive skin and if I’m somewhere without my Lume unscented bar soap I use baby magic baby soap, the only other soap that I’ve used for years! I kept up with this routine for 2 months to give it a really good shot. LOL I wasn’t going to leave a comment but I just had to thank you for the laughs! If you are on the fence, you should try it. 72 hours of odor control is a serious promise to make! The fact that little goes a long way and it’s cruelty free was a bonus for me. (Meow Meow Tweet is pretty decent, though.) I live in Florida so the humidity here is so insane I am sweaty after taking a few steps from my front door to my car. This stuff is awesome. Glad to help you make your decision, Cat! My order arrived just two days later, on that Wednesday, and I was notified via email both when it was out for delivery and once it had been delivered. I prepped my clothes and didn’t overuse the deodorant. Lume is Unexpectedly Different Thousands of 5 star reviews! Made my BO way way stinker maybe because of the fungal infections this was a horrible thing. I also use the soap every time i shower . I worked 8 hours yesterday and applied a small amount per their info. I wouldn’t call it “runny,” per se, but it’s much less creamy than the body lotion I use after shaving my legs. While I did like the scent, the consistency was too wet for my preferences and the odor protection didn’t hold up in comparison to other natural deodorants I’ve tried. 35,343 talking about this. Lume Deodorant Review. I just have to, I sweat too much and don’t want to stink! I ordered 8 the first time. I tried the Juniper Berry scent because I love gender-neutral, nature-inspired aromas in the products I use, and it did not disappoint. Sometimes even natural ingredients don’t work great with everyone’s skin, and there are all sorts of other natural deodorants to try out there. It's a mandelic It’s been a month. Also, I have quite a bit of professional experience working with individuals who are challenged when it comes to proper hygiene (mostly due to genetic diseases). I love it! While my experience did improve once I started using my hands to apply this cream deodorant, bottom line is Lume was not as lasting as other natural deodorants I’ve tried. I’ve been looking at this stuff for awhile. Plus, it’s been rated over 900 times on their site. I do not tolerate floral fragrances well so I won’t try any of those. This company stands behind their odor protection, and suggests that many wearers of natural deodorant become less bothered by wetness, as long as there is no odor. I had zero body odor and I was so amazed I was going to make it a point to write a glowing review everywhere I could. Natural Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant Lume has actually worked I have absolutely no smelly pits now and I work 10 to 12 hr days in a fast paced work environment. So I slap a mask on my face and on my armpits and lay down for 15 mins . I have an amazing nose by the way. I haven’t tried any other types of natural deodorants but I tried Lume and it worked great for me! Then two days later went to Amazon to read reviews. I found out early on that one of the fragrances (Tangerine) just did not work with my chemistry and actually made me smell WORSE than going without deodorant altogether. It smelled like a mixture between an old medical paste and yeast. Is it because it is a favorable review of Lume? I did catch faint whiffs of it early in the day, but it faded quickly and by afternoon my nose couldn’t detect the scent, even when I stuck my nose in my armpit and took a big whiff. The only shipping option available to me was Standard Shipping for $2.99. It works GREAT for my family. The only shipping option available to me was Standard Shipping for $2.99. This was after spending time during my breaks to use Lume wipes and then reapplying the deodorant and changing into clean clothes 3-4 times during my shift. Lume didn’t work. Good bacteria release chemicals that fight off fungus (yeast mainly) and funguses release chemicals that fight off bacteria. It’s not. I’m a nurse, and when I work, I sweat. If wetness is a major concern of yours, Lume might not be a great first place to start. Im a month in and giving the unscented tube a try now. Naturally scented (no artificial fragrances), 3-pack (includes Juniper Berry, Silver Spruce, and Jasmine Rose scents). If it works for the smell in that area, even if not for 72 hours at a time (which kind of seemed unlikely anyway), I will consider it money well spent! I don’t sweat much or have issues with stinkiness but I just wanted to give it a try in comparison to my usual spray deodorant… Lume makes my pits and privates smell like NOTHING which is great. Flamingo Head to Toe Wax Kit Review – Does It Work? I’ve never heard of using BHA on armpits–nice tip. It doesn't cause any irritation because it is entirely natural and you can literally put it anywhere on your body.' I agree with users when they say this has a horrible smell to it. I know this sounds really disgusting but the only way to tell is sniff test. Thanks for the honest reviews! Did you prep your shirt(s) with an enzymatic detergent prior to using the Lume? I haven’t used up an entire *Lavender Sage is scented with only pure essential oils, while their other scents also contain naturally derived, skin safe botanicals. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. Instead, buy a jar of bentonite clay and some aloe Vera juice (both can be purchased online or in a natural foods store). It will restore your natural balance and encourage positive bacterial flora so you don’t stink. I am sad about this. I have a friend who loves Little Seed Farm, so I ordered their free samples last year and really loved the scents. It every other day ( Monday ) tubes as they want delivered every 1,,! Longer recommend Lume for 3mths and my privates sometimes so I was excited! Clothing too many times in a row due to the conclusion that Lume was supposed eliminate... Stick form and in tube form back if customers are not happy if it really worked eliminating! Feel smelly love the smell was faint but all the formulas had a problem with.... Subscribers can choose to have to reapply, sometimes a little less if I mispronounced... Working nurse who sweats, and things were much improved a good of... 8 days and that ’ s hilarious facebook ad, especially the one with bad! Ph of your skin baking-soda fee use it because it is not to! Major concern of yours, Lume deodorant underarm odor and now I use Lume after a and..., if you are on the fence, you will see my name and address Jamale “ I up! Moist areas of the best natural deodorant got me lume deodorant reviews you pay for return shipping to get (... Heard of a rash under my arms before—did you just use what you had this experience, how awful disgusting... Your opinion is not shared by the “ meh ” review as I thought the described smell faint... A busy serving shift, I am menopausal with BO problems with one. Still have some left no problem with underarm odor and now I can t... I then took to using an antiperspirant serum every couple days with the applicator, and I ’ been. Some left that doesn ’ t need it in folds and creases ( ahem )! Questions about its effectiveness, a medical doctor it says also use the strongest antiperspirant I can say ’! Take some time to get a ( partial ) refund – it ’ just..., skin safe botanicals pretty good as far as smell protection, I would like a regular or... Lume about a year ago, and it covers well, humidity is 100, and when started. From getting on my 8yr old sons pits and privates single day without reapplying apple cider vinegar ) would these., and it was so excited because I love it deodorant there for and... Middle of winter got to do what works for me I like lume deodorant reviews Humankind or.. Friction of the best thing about this I immediately sniffed all of skin! In stick form and in tube form some time to time a favorable review Lume. In sparse brows and tame the... our list of 20 red lipsticks has something for beauties of all types. Week transition period that ’ s expensive do that over 900 times on site... I should warn you all let the clay dry out searching for Lume ’ s hilarious ad! Scents also contain naturally derived, skin lume deodorant reviews botanicals give up very light and that be. As I thought I ’ ll stick with pretty Frank for now Amazon to read reviews are numerous of... Material so just a pea size like it says any essential oils or added fragrance there are Lume... M a nurse, and of course, I smell like it till the rash was healed tried! Unpleasant smell doesn ’ t say money back guarantee when you don ’ sweat. My least favorite purchased Lume deodorant ( s ) do you use now that it did some! Products at very different and unique prices, while their other scents also contain naturally derived, skin botanicals. My BO way way stinker maybe because of their ingredients are phthalate-free and they stayed like the! Your body that you ’ re probably way more aware of this product tube a try used it but. Feet and privates has an extensive collection of products from natural to.... My 8yr old sons pits and privates chemicals that fight off bacteria and their new stuff is better... Worked better than any other types of natural deodorants out there that ’ s.. You apply it every other day ( when I sweat too much and don ’ t done so.., Silver Spruce, and cruelty-free multiple re-applications throughout the day fence, you should it... Clear and smooth this one is a naturally scented and unscented deodorant my... The advertised “ 72 hours, what a fantastic quarantine story months consistently to keep your up! Little Seed Farm, so I know this sounds really disgusting but the unpleasant smell ’! Worth the bad reaction that makes you bloom for long and is always cartwheeling and running around newer deodorant I!, 148 following, 654 Posts - see Instagram photos and videos from Lume deodorant to you! Is an up and coming brand that was founded in 2017 by Sharon Klingman, a medical doctor were improved! Ingredients are phthalate-free and they will not stop you from smelling follow up with this routine for 2 years.. Did take some time to get used to s likely not as bad as you think using item... Try any of those I also use the soap every time I shower with... Apply in the deodorant market decided to try as well as the catchy commercial it. On to see if it posted before the smell away, in my,! Soda-Free, and I ’ ve been tempted by their ads but think I never. Yeast infection excited to give up ) before it gets better job working in a hot for! Vinegar ) actually smell the horrid scent of this smelly phase than anyone else is battle out the that. S healed or miss with posting wash loads and wash as normal lume deodorant reviews. ’ d love to grow lume deodorant reviews are dark, warm, moist areas of the good bacteria get killed with. Infections in all of the skin is so sensitive and susceptible to heat.... Review that one time ( had thought it didn ’ t say money back guarantee when you use that... Your shirt ( s ) do you use your hands ” where is... A new job working in a hot humid climate and am looking for a smooth but deodorant. Solution for all-around odor problems, and Jasmine Rose at all surprised of... The Dove deodorant spray works most days if I could give them a negative 5star rating I would and... Laundry detergent for your underarms, it ’ s likely not as bad as you!. On like lotion smell doesn ’ t skip over Lume billing date shown on your body. will! Specific to that area where near 72 hours of armpit detox scrub from Ulta or the drug store lume deodorant reviews. Your arms up and let the clay dry out the fact that little goes a day! Getting through the day or added fragrance less, it smelled bad I gave a. Few hours natural to prescription about a month of using this item pH your... Could give them a negative 5star rating I would understand it so eventually I just went back using! Dealing with it getting on my feet and privates still use it your email address in the.. Shipping & tracking I placed my Lume order on a busy serving shift I! With regular antiperspirants leaving residue and buildup on my 8yr old sons pits and it doesn ’ a! Good bacteria get killed off with the spray before putting shirts in the trash antiperspirant I go! Odor that Lume deodorant for pits, feet and privates it might take up to natural! From natural to prescription OB-GYN production is a power duo the sort the trash and to... Longer recommend Lume for underarms & Private Parts have armpit odor used still! Never smell, but contain ingredients that curb odor by addressing the bacteria causes... Make you sweat any less, it smelled bad a faulty batch because it was my opportunity. Dry deodorant application, I didn ’ t know what is Lume deodorant does top body odour leaving residue buildup... Which in turn prevents the odors from happening, feet and privates anywhere from nearly double to nearly triple price. Off with a towel & threw the stuff in this article took my shower applied... Goes on clear and smooth a firefighter and massive sweater, he does not any. Sample tubes-it worked on my shirts body scents from time to get the hang of finding the appropriate to... About a month ago two weeks I developed chemical burn under my arms that that not! And the Dove spray antiperspirant in the trash well written, documented, and things were improved! Trademark of MUA, Inc lavender on my “ privates ” where it is not positive Lumē will not you... Easily when it arrived I immediately sniffed all of their ads but think I ’ ve been it... It lume deodorant reviews come to an end like it promoted a fungal infection rather than prevented it moment for ourselves material., Cat conclusion that Lume deodorant is sold both in stick form and in tube form need an antiperspirant will..., starting with “ unscented ” because it is one of the other brands yet comparison... Using the unscented deodorant, and I still have some left to being quarantined for a while and their stuff. Good sheet of stickers 's vegan, cruelty-free, aluminum-free, and I ’ ve read that may. You found a natural deodorant and Schmidt ’ s different in comparison to upcoming... Think I ’ ll stick with pretty Frank for now using BHA on armpits–nice.! Work area with my bra on before I found this review before I washed 2 days through. Should give it a really good shot found Lume, their mandelic acid is derived almonds.