amphipods mariana trench

"In fact, a few of them bit into the wooden parts of ASHURA, the camera system on our baited traps.". Dr. if (context === null) { The tiny Eurythenes plasticus was discovered nearly seven kilometres below sea level in the Pacific Ocean by scientists from Newcastle University, whose research has been supported by the WWF. "When the opportunity to feast arrives, they will literally gorge themselves to the point where they're about to burst.". [CDATA[ Deep-Sea, Shrimp-like Creatures Survive by Eating Wood,, "James Cameron on Earth's Deepest Spot: Desolate, Lunar-Like. Supergiant amphipods (Alicella gigantea) were first discovered in 1899, when a trawling expedition turned up two specimens from the Atlantic Ocean. For more from our Ocean Newsroom, click here or on one of the images below: //
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