If you attended a school that closed while you were enrolled or if you withdrew 120 days before it closed, then the closed school discharge is available to you. College gates closed. The Closed School Weekly/Monthly Reports (CSMR) are the official lists that guaranty agencies may use to discharge loans for students who meet the eligibility requirements under 34 CFR Section 682.402(d) of the Federal Family Education Loan Program regulations. If your loans qualify for a closed school discharge, the Department of Education will automatically discharge them three years after your school closes. The Closed School Loan Discharge Program is a near sure-bet for wiping out your WyoTech loans, because we all know that WyoTech closed it’s campuses, so as long as you meet the eligibility conditions I outline below, you’ll be able to get your loan erased. If your school closes and you never attend a similar program, the Department of Education will automatically cancel your loans within three years. As explained in an Electronic Announcement posted on December 13, 2018, we have implemented certain provisions of the 2016 borrower defense regulations related to automatic closed school discharge.. Closed-school discharge is one of several ways to have your student loans canceled. Automatic Closed School Discharge Code Automatic Closed School Discharge Code A new Discharge Code (CS02) has been created for Automatic Closed School Discharges. DeVos, the Department continued to collect monthly payments from students eligible for an automatic discharge. Closed School Loan Discharge Packet If you attended a school that closed before you were able to complete your diploma or degree, you may be eligible for a cancellation, or “discharge,” of the federal student loans you used to pay for your education. (a) General. And it can potentially get your student loans out of default and repair your credit. (1) Rules governing the payment of claims based on filing for relief in bankruptcy, and discharge of loans due to death, total and permanent disability, attendance at a school that closes, false certification by a school of a borrower's eligibility for a loan, and unpaid refunds by a school are set forth in this section. The secretary also extended the window for closed-school discharge to six months for students at 24 other Dream Center schools — including Argosy locations — that closed. You may qualify if your school closed and you were unable to complete a comparable program at another school through a teach-out agreement, by transferring academic credits or hours earned at the closed school to another school, or by any other comparable means, if:. School Closure Eligibility. Your school closed within 120 days after you withdrew; In other words, you’re eligible for a closed school discharge only if you couldn’t complete your education because the school closed.

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